Foreign languages are
more fun
Learn with short UGC videos
Fun videos created by native speakers
Powered by collective intelligence and creativity
About 15 seconds short videos
As light and easy as TikTok,ideal for fragmented spare times
Real language by real natives
Much more pratical than traditional text books.
Watching, listening and reading at the same time
Simple and intuitive interface
Language learners don’t want to think where to navigate
Just launch the app to see new content right away.
Appropriate content will be recommended based on accumulated feedback
“Just record a video,
and you will get a written draft of what you said”
A.I. saves creator the troubles
Recognises dialog texts of voice-videos.
Generates pronunciations and tones.
Translates into drafts.
Synchronises word timing.
Generates dictionaries for each word

As casual as twittering
App Updates
- Upgraded two-way swipe function for user experience
- Beauty filter applied for video shooting
- Video sharing function added
- 4 languages (English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) now supported by the UI